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What are Alt Coins?

We deal with providing you the best Alt coin picks within the cryptocurrency industry. This is a similar crypto currencies like Bitcoin and it is just another alternative that you can purchase. The success of Bitcoin paved the way for many other alternative cryptocurrencies. Many altcoins are paving the way to get rid of the numerous limitations that Bitcoin has and this is where Alt coin picks comes into play.

Many alt coins are built off of the original framework that was built by Bitcoin. There are over 1,300 different alt coins to choose from. By partnering with Crypto Currency Coin Picks we do the research, Chart & Technical Analysis and provide you with the best alt coin signals and picks to choose from. Start increasing your BTC count and start growing your income today.

What's included
with the service?

You get our personal portfolio of different crypto currency coin picks. We also provide you with crypto currency signals, alerting you when its time to BUY or SELL the coin that you have purchased.

We deliver this signal via SMS or Email. By partnering with our company you have an advantage over the novice trader. We do the homework and the technical analysis so you don't have to. Sit back, relax and well guide you through the BUY and SELL process.

We separate our crypto currency picks and signals into 3 categories: Long Term, Short Term and Wild Cards.

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Long Term Positions

We slowly add really good solid coins to this list. The coins must have a really good development team. They also must have a real word utility that will be vital for the long term growth of the coin. Our long term picks are like a mutual fund.

Day & Swing Trades

This is a very active page where we list trades on a weekly basis. These trades are basically day trading type trades. We don't really day trade but more swing type trading. We can be in a coin from days up to multiple weeks/ months before we close out a trade. We average about a 40% profit on these trades.

Wild Card Trades

We usually look for really cheap coins that have the potential to make us a lot of money. Most of these coins we might be in for a few years with the hopes of making a HUGE return on our investment. This might be considered high risk/ high reward type picks. Currently we have two coins that are up over 200% and counting..

Why is the fee only
$19.95 per month?

Our companies philosophy is to offer awesome results at a cheap price. We accomplish this by having millions of users on our service and therefore no expensive fees are required. We believe in high volume and low pricing. The picks we offer are the exact picks you would receive from our competitors! Just without the expensive fees.

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Join the revolution today!

Can I cancel anytime

Yes you can. We recommend that you at least try it for 6 months so you can see our track record and how we can help you maximize your profits

How often do I recieve alerts?

We send out alerts when our analysis dictate a high probability that our picks will return a nice profit.
On average you will receive a minimum of one alert per week.